The individuals who are part of a financial services organization represent its main property and are the determining factor for the success of these undertakings


In a highly competitive financial market, where there are many players offering services similar to ours, we are able to differentiate, mainly owing to the vast and successful professional experience of our company’s partners and staff.

Personal history regards us as a group of reliable professionals, who have associated to create an undertaking which will continue to be a “business of individuals”.

To such end, we have created Fénix Bursátil Sociedad de Bolsa S.A., a company authorized to operate in the Buenos Aires Stock Market.

The Company’s Board of Directors consists of:

Federico A. Huergo, President
Horacio J. Bonavia, Vice-president
Gonzalo R. Alonso, Director
Guillermo P. Merelle, Director
Fernando L. Allende, Director
Mariano Bunge Guerrico, Director
Natalia Goos, Director